A burglary occurs when a person breaks into a property and steals any of the items or belongings that are found inside. Burglary commonly occurs in homes, but stealing from government buildings, commercial buildings, businesses, schools, and religious buildings is still considered a form of burglary, if the perpetrator is trespassing when they take any items without consent.

Types Of Burglary

Burglars will typically attempt to steal items that are both easy to carry and that have a high resale value. Electronics and electrical items, jewellery, cash, and artwork are among some of the most commonly stolen items during a burglary, but anything including the family car could be the target of the theft. The theft of a car from outside the burgled premises, is called a Hanoi burglary, and it may be done to provide the burglars with a means of fleeing with the items they have taken, or in order to resell the carat at a later date.

Secure Potential Access Points

Common points of access include unsecured doors and windows, and if the burglar is quiet and only takes small items, it can be some time before the property owner registers that they have even been burgled. As such, the primary means of preventing a burglary from occurring in your home or property is to ensure that all the windows, doors, and other access points that could be used to gain entry are properly secured at all times. Not only does this mean using locks, but it also means ensuring that they are good quality, that they have a decent security rating, and that they are in good enough condition that they continue to prevent security risks.

Remove Temptation

Try, wherever possible, to keep valuables and car keys away from doors and windows. Most burglars will shy away from entering a property if they do not believe that there is anything that is easy to take and worth taking. If you can conceal your most valuable objects, then this removes the temptation and could help ensure the security of your property and belongings.

Recover Your Items More Quickly

Use a UV marker, or even a permanent marker, to put your house number, postcode, and name on the most valuable items. Most buyers will baulk at buying items that are marked in this way, because they will know that they are stolen, and you can register your items on immobilise.com so that they may be found and returned to you much sooner, in the event that they are taken.

Alarm Systems

Consider installing a burglar alarm, if you don’t already have one. There are many types of system available, including those that connect directly to the emergency services. If you already have an alarm system, ensure you use it, and also ensure that it is routinely maintained. If the system includes an alert system, then you need to also ensure that the alert company is still in business, that you have any required contract, and that they will indeed be alerted if somebody attempts to break into your property.