2 in 1 Burglary

2 in 1 burglaryA 2 in 1 burglary is a house burglary where car keys are also stolen from the property and the car taken from the driveway. While car crimes are down over all, the number of so called car key burglaries has risen by 19% according to AA figures. There are some basic steps that you can take to help prevent becoming a victim of a 2 in 1 burglary. You should make sure your vehicle is locked, your home secure, and that you keep keys in a secure and even hidden place. Below are some more specific tips to help.

Security Technology

Security technology that is found in most modern cars is highly advanced. Electronic keys, immobilisers, and alarms are commonplace but none of these prevent a car key burglar because they will be in possession of your key. By all means spend money securing your vehicle but also make sure that you implement a fairly basic security routine in your home and car to prevent the theft of your keys and their use to steal your car.

Fishing For Car Keys

The simplest way for a burglar to get hold of your keys is by fishing through the letterbox to quickly and easily hook the keys. Burglars do not even need to enter the house in order to get your keys and this makes it a safe and relatively risk free technique. Windows, doors, and cat flaps should also be secured because these all offer a potential means for burglars to steal keys without getting into the house first.

Use The Garage

If you have a garage then do use it. Put the car in the garage and lock the garage. This adds a further level of security so that would-be burglars will be less inclined to want to steal your keys. Leaving handbags, satnav systems, laptops, and other valuables in your car and on display will mean that burglars will be more likely to attempt to gain entry to your home in order to take the keys for your car.

Secure Your Home

Securing your home means that burglars will not have the same opportunities to break in and steal your keys in the first place. Ensure that all your doors and windows are properly secured and keep items that may help people gain unlawful entry. Ladders, chairs, and other items that provide access to windows should be kept out of the way. Don’t make the burglar’s job any easier.

Security Light And Alarms

Also ensure that your security light and alarms are set. While fishing is a popular means of stealing car keys, the 2 in 1 burglary is another popular option and if a thief sees a car that they like then they will be inclined to find any way of getting your car keys. If your property is alarmed then this will deter intruders before they can take your belongings. Security lights will deter opportunistic thieves.

Additional Security

Look for additional ways to secure your property. If you don’t have a garage then fit secure gates and shut them. If you have a long drive, then move the car out of the way of sight. Many perpetrators of a 2 in 1 burglary will look for cars as they pass properties and then decide which houses to break in to according to the cars that they see.

2 In 1 Burglary

Lock your car, lock your home and garage, keep keys in a safe place and be sure that you use all the security and tools that you have in order to keep your home secure and to ensure that you do not become a victim of a 2 in 1 burglary, often also known as a car key burglary.