Burglary Prevention

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to burglary and theft. If you can set your property up in such a way that burglars view it as too difficult to break into, or too much or a risk to try, then they will be more inclined to leave your property alone. This means not only installing alarms and secure entry and access points, but adopting simple practices like ensuring all doors are locked whenever you leave the property, or keeping your car keys away from the visible line of an easily accessible window.

Marking And Registering Property

Although prevention doesn’t always work, it will deter opportunistic burglars, of which most are. Taking additional steps, such as marking property and ensuring that devices like laptops are registered and have tracking software installed, can help the police to track down the burglar and may also help ensure that your property is returned to you sooner in the event that it is taken. However, by ensuring that all areas of security for your property are maintained, you can keep burglars at bay rather than having to look for ways to recover stolen items more quickly.

Frames And Doors

Doors are the most obvious entry point to a property. Ensure that you have good quality and modern frames, as well as modern doors and locks. If the frame is easily broken, badly damaged, or has other signs of weakness, then an experienced burglar will know how to get past it. Get any damage repaired as soon as possible, including damage done to windows as well as doors and frames.

Windows And Security

Always ensure that you close and secure windows, and lock doors, whenever you leave the house. Even if you are only out for a few minutes, this still gives an opportunistic thief the opportunity to be able to quickly get in, steal your belongings, and get out without being challenged. An unlocked door is the simplest way in, but open windows, no matter how small the opening seems to be, are also a major threat to the security of your property, so close them, turn the handle, and use any locks that you have installed.

Alarms And Alarm Systems

If you don’t already have an alarm fitted, consider getting one, and if you do have one, then ensure that you use it properly. Some alarms will automatically alert emergency services, while some offer lights and sirens. Always ensure that the audible alarm will turn off after 20 minutes, and ensure that your alarm boxes are on display, because these alone may act as enough of a deterrent to prevent would-be thieves.

Burglary Prevention

There are many other steps that you can take to help prevent burglars from targeting your property. Keep valuables away from windows, move keys away from the doors that they are used in, and take care when answering the door to unexpected callers. Marking property, and registering items for tracking, will not help prevent burglary, but they can help to ensure that the police have a greater chance of catching the thieves, and that you have a greater chance of recovering the items taken from you if a burglary does occur.