Crime Prevention Advice for Residential Properties

Some simple steps can be made to help reduce the chance of a burglary at your residential property.

Approximately 75% of burglaries are committed at the rear of the premises, and the following advice should help address your concerns.

Natural surveillance of your property can be improved by reducing the height of bushes and shrubs to a maximum of 1 metre.  Trees should have their crowns raised to a minimum height of 2.2 metres, improving the natural surveillance of the area.  This means passers-by can see any offenders approach your home.

Fencing to the rear of the property should be 2 metres in height (approx 6,5 foot) to readuce the opportunity for easy entry into the enclosed areas.  Any fencing at the side of the house should be 2 metres high and should extend to the adjoining property, reducing the opportunity to gain access to the rear of the dwelling.

Any gates or access points should incorporate a handle or lock that cannot be used as a step up in order to gain access.

Lighting should be provided to illuminate the area around your home.  Ideally use a ‘dusk till dawn’ light which costs approx 1p per day to run.  These lights are available from most DIY stores, and you should ask for a compact fluorescent bulk head light.

Door and windows should reach enhanced security standards.  Doors for domestic purposes should be to standard PAS 024, and for windows the standard to look for is BS 7950.

These standards are a measure of the overall security offered bu the product, which have undergone rigorous testing in order to achieve it.

A BS4737 alarm sysyem is a positive deterrent to intruders.  They should be correctly installed and mainted by a regulatory body, such as NACOSS, SSAIB or integrity 2000.

The purpose of these regulatory membership is to ensure that the quality of the equipment used and the instalition is of a high stand.