Ensuring Doors And Windows Offer Security Against Burglary

Most burglars are opportunistic, meaning that they usually only strike against a property that offers an easy means of entry. As such, those properties with no obvious entry points, with secure perimeters and access points, and those that do not appear to have anything worth stealing, are those that tend to fare best in preventing burglars. In order to ensure your security and privacy it is important that you look at your property as though through the eyes of a burglar, because this will help identify any potential problem areas, and affect the changes required to ensure security.

Secure Doors And Windows

Whenever you leave the property, or when you go to bed at night, always ensure that doors and windows are properly closed and secured. You are leaving your property at risk by leaving the house even for a very short period of time, if you do not secure doors and windows properly. It only takes a few minutes for a burglar to get in, get your stuff, and get away.

Old Doors

Old doors and windows, as well as old frames, pose a threat. Even if you fit new locks to these access points, you will find that they offer a possible entry point for burglars, because the lock is only as strong as the door, which is only as strong as the frame into which it fits. If you have had the same doors and windows for ten years or more, then even if they were the strongest and most secure available at the time of fitting they may not pose a real obstacle to a well-equipped and experienced burglar.

The Importance Of Locks

Locks are important, and a five lever mortice lock should be considered the standard for all effective locks. If your windows are old, then consider fitting locks to these too, and don’t discount deadlocks. A deadlock can make it more difficult for the burglar to get out again, and this means a greater chance of them being caught in the act, and a better chance of you being able to retrieve your property sooner. Keep the key away from the lock, and away from the door to make it even more difficult.

Preventing A Simple Exit

In fact, you should keep all keys away from doors and windows, and this includes keys for the back door, the patio door, and even the car. Visible car keys are a temptation, while tagging keys and leaving them next to their respective door or window means that the burglar will have a simple and effective means of being able to get out of the property.

Securing Your Doors And Windows Properly

By securing the doors and windows of your property, it is possible to reduce the risk of burglary and the risk of having your personal belongings stolen. Doors and windows are the most obvious entry and exit points, and it doesn’t matter how effective a lock, its door, and the frame are, if you leave a side window open or you nip to the shops and leave the front door unlocked. Always take measures to help ensure the security of your property.