Key Security


Keys are the main thing required to enter a house. Keys are easy to copy and fake by which anyone could easily break into your house. Most people lock themselves out of the house when they forget their keys inside. To make sure that they are not locked out, many leave a spare under their doormat, or behind a flower pot or other such place. But this is not really a safe option since these are the common spots for a prospective thief to look for the key. All thee hiding places are usual and common and anyone with the aim of doing a major task like burglaring a house prepares himself with such information.

When you shift houses, the first thing you should do is change the locks of all your doors. Apart from the previous owners, there might be other people too who must have copies of their house keys. You never know if they were careless with their keys. Get a locksmith with a good reputation in that area to do the locks. It is better if they are part of the Master Locksmith’s Association. If not, it might be a problem. You might just find it difficult to terrace them in case you have a problem later. If the reputation is even the slightest bit questionable, don’t go there.

Always be sure to take your keys out of the while opening or closing a door. If you are forgetful, try and paste a note somewhere around the house reminding you top check your main door for any hanging keys. Another thing to remember is to never leave them lying around the house. Have a fixed place to hang them. Never leave them near your door or a window. Temptation is a terrible thing. If a thief sees it, it might just be there at the back of his mind and he’ll try to get hold of it no matter what. There are instances where magnets or even fishing rods have been used to extract keys from a visible spot. Keep them in a spot that is safe and is easy to remember so that you can get hold of them when faced with an emergency. The last thing you will want to do then is go all over the place searching for your keys when you are in a hurry.

The latest in the key world are computerised keys. These are hard to copy so you should try and buy a lock that uses a computerised key. This is the safest key available in the market today. There are no two identical computerised keys in this world. Every key made is different. Once a key is made, it is not possible to make another similar one. The only problem with this is that if you leave your key in the house, you might find it a little hard to get back in. so this kind of key is not meant for the forgetful and the careless. So make sure your keys are always with you no matter what.