Marking Property

Burglars typically target those properties that they see as easy targets, and they will identify a home’s potential according to how easily they can get in, what they can potentially take, and how easily they can get away. Although prevention is better than cure, burglaries can and do still occur even to those that are fully prepared. By marking your property, registering devices like mobile phones and laptops, and using online property logging services, it is possible to make the burglar’s life more difficult and increase the chances of getting your property back sooner.


Despite increases in sentencing, burglary is still a relatively common crime, but most burglars are thieves of opportunity. If they do not see an opportunity at your property, then they will move on and leave your belongings where they belong. Marking property, using a UV pen or even a permanent black marker adds obstacles to the burglar when they come to try and sell items, and it means that property can be more easily identified as yours when it is recovered.

Marking Your Property

Marking property with a UV pen will not usually deter burglars from taking items, primarily because they cannot see the UV marking themselves. However, reputable shops will check items for markings, and if the police do recover a number of items then they will be able to read the markings that you have left, helping to ensure that you do get everything back and that you get it back sooner rather than later.

Register Your Devices

What’s more, devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones can be registered with tracking services. Some mobile companies offer a similar service, and this enables you to be able to track down your device after it has been stolen. This information not only helps to ensure that you receive your items back, but the information could also be provided to the police in order to help them track down the burglars that stole your items.

Getting Your Items Back

You should also ensure that you know the IMEI number of your mobile phone, and even your tablet if it is on a mobile phone or mobile data contract. With this number, your mobile phone company can prevent any large phone bills or additional charges being levied against the device, which means that while you may not get your phone back, you can at least call the phone company and have it blocked. If the police recover a mobile phone, they can also check the IMEI number against your records so that you have a greater chance of recovering your phone. Obtain your IMEI by entering *#06# on your phones keyboard.

Marking Property In Case Of Burglary

Marking property will not usually prevent a burglar from taking items, but it could increase the likelihood of your belongings being returned to you. What’s more, with tracking apps, tracking software, and item registration, your belongings could be recovered by the police and give them a greater chance of being able to catch the person that was responsible for taking them.