Preventing Vehicle Theft From The Home

Modern vehicles with packed with the latest technology to help ensure the security of drivers and car owners, but the simple fact is that if a would-be thief has the key to the car, then they have virtually unrestricted access to it, and there is nothing that any car alarm or immobiliser can really do to prevent this type of theft. This means that your car may be at greatest risk from burglars that steal your keys, or from people attempting to steal your car while you are in it.

Alarms And Immobilisers

To prevent the theft of your vehicle from outside your home, when the thieves do not have the keys, ensure that you arm and use any alarms or immobilisers that are included with the car security system. An alarm sounding will deter virtually any thief, meaning that your vehicle will remain exactly where it was, and you may not even have to pay for a new window or ignition barrel. An immobiliser can prevent a thief from removing your car, although they may still be able to empty it of any belongings you have left in there, if they can gain access.

Use The Garage, If You Have One

If you have a garage, then use it and secure it. Keep the keys away from the back door, and do not mark them. These actions make the thief’s life considerably easier, and increases the chance of a burglar getting away with your vehicle as well as your belongings. If you do park on the street, remove valuables from view, including sat navs and mobile phone chargers.

Hide The Keys Away

If you leave the key to your car too close to an unlocked door, an unsecured window, or even an accessible letterbox, you could be inviting thieves to steal them. Keep them out of view, and ensure that there is no simple means for a thief to be able to take them without you seeing. Consider leaving them by the bed, in a drawer, or in another secure location in the property.

Vehicle Theft While Driving

To prevent somebody from snatching your bag, stealing your belongings, or attempting to take the car while you are still in it, keep windows and doors locked especially when in built up areas, keep your valuables out of sight and away from the passenger seat, and ensure that you always lock the door as soon as you get out and do not unlock it until you are immediately ready to get back in. Opportunistic thieves can work quickly to get in a vehicle or get anything they want out of it.

Preventing Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

Although most people’s cars are covered for theft, if you have left the keys in or you have left valuable items in the car that are not covered by your standard insurance policy, then you could still be out of pocket if your car is broken into. You may have to pay an excess on your car insurance policy, too, which means that you may not have to pay the full cost of any repairs, but you may still pay several hundred pounds while also seeing your next insurance premium rise. Protect your vehicle, secure your belongings, and remove anything that is too valuable.