Steps To Help Recover Stolen Items

Prevention through the improvement of security is the best way to ensure that you have less chance of becoming a victim of burglary yourself. Securing doors and windows, installing a home alarm system, and removing keys away from the doors that they are used for are some of the measures that you can take to help ensure that burglars do not have a means of getting in or removing items from your home. If this doesn’t work, or you have been burgled before having the chance to affect these changes, there are steps that you can take to help ensure a greater chance of a fast recovery of your stolen items.

Mark Items

You can buy and use UV pens, which only show up under UV lights, and mark items discreetly with your house number and postcode, as well as your name. This can make it more difficult for burglars to sell your belongings, and if they are recovered by police, it means that they will be better equipped to return the items to their rightful owner – you. Even a permanent marker can prove effective at preventing burglars from selling items on.

Register Devices

Register devices like laptops and other electrical items. If they are stolen, the company you registered them with may be able to identify these items, specifically through the checking of model numbers and individual identifiers. Many companies enable you to register devices that they manufacture, or you can use a service that allows you to register any item that has been suitably marked.

Install Tracking Apps

Mobile phones and other electronic devices that have either a GPS or WiFi connection can be tracked, but usually only if you have a tracking or app or tracking software installed. Register with device tracking companies, install the necessary software, and not only could this help identify lost items as yours, but it could give the police a path to follow that will enable them to catch the burglars or get one step closer to them.

Get IMEI Numbers

Every mobile phone, and many tablets and other devices that include a mobile data package, have IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity numbers. Dial #06# on your mobile phone to receive your number, and if your phone is stolen it will make the process of ending the contract and preventing the running up of mobile phone bills in your name much easier and faster. Your mobile phone company will ask for the unique IMEI from your device, although they can still close your account in most cases without one.

Recovering Items After A Burglary

Not all burglary victims get their things back, and many people find that items that are returned are damaged or stolen, but by marking, tracking, and registering your devices, you do help to increase the odds of the burglar being caught and your goods being recovered. Most valuable items can be registered in some way, and the process is usually quick and simple, but it could prove an invaluable tool in the event of the worst case scenario.