I.D Theft

Identity Theft

You might have heard of identity theft several times on internet, radio, and television in particular. It seems to be one of the obscure topics which would never ever affect you. However, you cannot escape it. It’s like any other burglary. Generally when it takes place, it’s quiet, but you may never know when it would ruin you. You might get hurt in terms of credit, personal stress, and money. Let the issue of identity theft be studied in details.

Dumpster Diving

This is possibly amongst the best ways by which thieves can acquire information. People are under the impression that nobody would be going through the trash of theirs, and might be they rip information of theirs in half. However, thieves are wise enough to halt at nothing for getting your identity. Shredding the documents and disks or DVDs which contain personal information would prove to be the best practice to avoid the problems in the first place.


Exceptional storage devices could be used at the time of getting your card which can store the information for subsequent use processed. Such a thing is bound to happen at the run-down stores or even at certain high-end chains. The finest way of preventing this is paying with cash while dealing with an untrustworthy or unknown store. Do not forget to be savvy while making use of card.


Amongst the most new-fangled ways of having your identity stolen is the internet. It might happen that you visit a site which you believe to be trustworthy. Some information might be asked through pop-up, and you might end up filling it thinking that some gift could be won, or you might get some product at a low price. Beware! Do not get carried away by such methods! Make use of anti-phishing protection like security program. Do not give vent to any of the pop-ups that ask for any sort of personal information.

Changing the address

This is the most intelligent method of identity theft. The thief tends to send the billing statements of yours to the other location by the way of issuing changes in the address form. This, in particular, can be prohibited by shredding the bank, subscription, or credit card information, or any other thing which contains personal information.

Old-fashioned stealing

Thieves go on with the stealing of purses and wallets, mail, inclusive of credit card and bank statements, pre-approved offers of credit, and tax information or new cheques. They attempt to steal the personal records, or even bribe the employees who are in the HR, i.e. human resource department.


Thieves might make use of a fake identity like customer service delegate or bank employee for obtaining personal information. This thief would then proceed with pretending to be yourself and carry out the withdrawals as well as other monetary transactions for stealing your money. You be aware whenever you are asked any personal information like Bank Account or Social Security Number. You should realize that as technology progresses, the problem of identity theft would only get compacted.