Safety When Selling

Secure the home while getting it sold

Housing market has come to a standstill these days. Burglaries on homes which are on market of real estate are also increasing day by day. The main problem that arises while having the home sold is burglary. It is a known fact that home is an ideal target for the burglars at the time of you selling the home. It is probably the only time when burglars would find the home of yours unoccupied during the night. Besides, it’s also the time when security system of yours would be disconnected or left off. The neighbors also might not be suspicious regarding the individuals passing by home for ‘checking it out’.

Initial Step

All the above-mentioned problems give rise to a common question- how can the home be secured at the time of trying to get it sold?  The 1st and the foremost thing to be taken in to consideration while selling the home is the wisdom regarding the individuals who go on to schedule appointments for seeing your home. Burglars might take the chance of checking out the home of yours for seeing if any valuables are present, as well as any probable problem areas or break-in points. At the end of the day, all what you should do is screening the individuals who are looking forward to have an appointment scheduled.

Process of screening

The above-mentioned procedure, i.e. screening can be carried out by taking down the names, personal information like employment, and other details of such people. The individual’s disposition can also be taken down. If any of the individual’s sounds suspicious, aggressive, or pushy in one way or the other, you are completely entitled to have their appointment rejected. If you start screening the appointments on the reception of call from a would-be burglar, they would be becoming cautious about the circumstances or would abandon the plan of theirs and go ahead. This is the easiest way of securing the home of yours.

Precautionary measures

The next step to be taken in this regard is directly related to having your home shown-off. If the individual intends to see the home, and initial screening is already done by you, there are some more tasks to be performed for providing safety to your home as well as yourself. You should start with keeping the mobile phone on body while showing. Frankly speaking, you must never permit anyone to have a look at the home of yours who hasn’t scheduled any appointment. As such, you can have necessary arrangements made prior to showing home. In addition to this, ensure that the children do not permit any tom, dick, and Harry to get in.

It has been proved that youngsters are generally at home when an assault or burglary occurs in home. Showing the home with family member or close friend would prove to be more appropriate, as the burglar would realize that you’re not solitary. He would then think twice before robbing the home or assaulting you. If, in spite of all this, you get assaulted, try to save yourself at the earliest. Belongings can still be got back , but the life, once gone, won’t come back.