Security Checklist

Making a security checklist

Below is a checklist that would help you to make a complete security survey of your home. The main purpose of the home security is to identity the features of the home daily of your family that would make your house a great target for the burglars. The security inspection could start off right from your footstep. You need to include an inspection of various things including the windows, doors, landscaping, and lights.

General check

Make sure that all the doors and the windows are made up of sturdy material. The doors could be made of some solid construction or of metal. Make sure that the door frames are quite strong and tight in order to prevent from the spreading or forcing. You could also check whether the door hinges are all protected from the removal from that of the outside. Make a check whether all doors are in a good repair. Make sure all the entrances from the basement and the garage are of solid construction. Having proper locks would allow you to fell secured while you are at home also while you are away from home.


Insurance would take away almost all the worries from you. It would replace all the stolen goods. There are many insurance companies offering with the reduced premium rates for the people who need home security. However, it is important to lock up the house properly and switching on the alarm while out of house. The insurance company would recommend various security products to you. You could choose the best suitable one and install it in your house for complete security.

Fire security

While you are fitting up various devices, you might also consider fixing a device for fire safety. If in case, fire catches up at your place then you would wish if your house had a something to escape from fire. Fit up one good smoke detector in your house. The alarm would ring up if there is even little bit of smoke in your home. However, make sure that the home keys are placed at easily reachable place.

Always be a great neighbour

If you find out that someone acting suspiciously then you could contact the near by police station and tell him. This way, you could help yourself also other from the risks of the thefts breaking in.

Despite of taking several precautions, if in case the burglar breaks into your house, then you could maybe call up the nearby police station. If you are also at home while the burglar is in, don’t shout or run out of the house, simply call up the police station. Don’t make an attempt to touch anything. Just leave anything touched before the police arrives. If you touch anything then this may destroy all valuable evidences. A burglar alarm is sure to ring if the burglar breaks in. the police is sure to catch hold of the buglers then. Following certain simple preventative steps, you can easily reduce the risk of thefts from occurring.